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Reliable software highly optimized for your system and your workflow



Turn-key long lasting Big Data backed IOT build and integration solutions


Cloud & DevOps

PaaS hosting solution to meet every need. Top-class server administration services



Optimize software architecture and code performance. Fix the hardest bugs.

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Tik acts as a business partner, a complete support for leaders in the digital and analogue journey that we all face

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At Tik Global Services we know we need to deliver maximum value to help our clients succeed in an ever-changing and exciting business world. Our underlying corporate values include the understanding that your success is integral to our success.

Understanding Unique Client Needs

Our professional staff carefully studies each customer to better understand unique needs and objectives and deliver the most dependable and efficient solution. We present all options and provide expert advice to help you make educated decisions for your company.

Earning Client Trust

We hope to earn your trust and confidence through positive attitude, excitement for our work and commitment to a long-term partnership. We promise to do whatever we can to ensure you receive quantifiable business value as we help you adapt and move forward with your new software solution.

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