OffShore Development Center

As an Offshore Development Center, our dedicated teams of software developers can focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility while embracing our expertise and saving you unnecessary costs for implementing a local team.

Our services help you to lower your operating expenses and raise your productivity. The Offshore Development Center model is proven as a highly effective tool that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your development process.

Being located in Africa, the world’s fastest growing economy, our outsourcing services provide you with cost savings and short time to the market without sacrificing work quality or level of expertise or innovation.

Tik Global Services helps businesses accelerate time-to-market by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle. Thanks to our agile model, enterprises benefit from shortened development lifecycles and faster project completion. Further, our DevOps team provides continuous support throughout the project with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, thereby improving business performance.

Tik Global Services